Women need to be reminded to check their breasts between screening appointments, according to a British survey that shows most are overly reliant on mammograms.

 Of the 1012 middle-aged women surveyed, almost all (84%) made the effort to have regular screenings, but one in 7 said they never checked their breasts otherwise.

 The results have prompted the British charity, Breast Cancer Care to issue a warning to women that totally relying on mammograms is dangerous.

 “It's vital women know to keep checking their breasts, even if they're attending regular mammograms,” says Samia al Qadhi, chief executive of Breast Cancer Care

 “There's no right or wrong way to check your breasts – it's about looking and feeling regularly, so any unusual changes can be spotted quickly.

 The lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is one in 8 for women. 

Last Reviewed: 23/05/2016

Reproduced with kind permission from 6minutes.com.au.