What Happens During the Donor Egg Process? – Dr. Jenny Cook

So on the question of donor eggs, clearly you yourself won’t be going through the IVF process in terms of an egg harvest, someone else will and they donate the eggs to you.

These eggs are then fertilised using either your partner sperm or perhaps donor sperm that we’ve helped you to choose. The eggs are fertilised and then grown out to five days to create a blastocyst and then the process for you is that the embryo, the resulting embryo is transferred to your uterus at the right time of the month.

This may also involve some hormonal support to correctly stimulate the lining of the uterus.

Dr. Jenny Cook is a Fertility Specialist who works at the Monash IVF clinic. She has published widely in the area of Gynaecological Laparoscopy and has presented at many national and international meetings. She is recognised for her experience in laparoscopic gynaecological procedures.

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