Bridge Pose – Eliza Hayward

Bridge pose with a block is a great exercise for your pelvic floor.  The pelvic floor consists of layers of muscles and under great strain your pelvic floor muscles can weaken. It is encouraged to continue pelvic exercises during pregnancy and after birth as the muscles are deeply stretched. To assist the body in repairing and to strengthen the control of your bladder.


Lie on the spine and bend the knees, feet grip to the floor hip width distance apart, be sure to brush the heels with your fingertips, place a block in between the legs, press the shoulders into the floor and lift the hips to the ceiling whilst maintaining a glute activation. Lastly, squeeze the block and pulse with the chin slightly tucked towards the chest. Hold for 5-15 breaths and exhale to carefully release the spine to the floor.


Always seek professional help if there is any pain or discomfort.

Author: myDr


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