Unexplained weight loss and bruising

Unexplained weight loss and bruising

Unexplained weight loss is a clear sign that there’s something going on in your body. It can be a sign of cancer, it can be a sign of other things, such as chronic infection, as well. But, really, it’s a warning sign that there needs to be some investigation to understand it. Symptoms such as bruising or bleeding are also often signs of cancer. Bruising, because it can represent a change in the way our blood is composed, and that can lead to bleeding. Same with bleeding, and cancers can, when they’re on surfaces, result in bleeding. They have loose surfaces that can bleed. So unexplained bleeding, unexplained bruising, unexplained weight loss, all mean that you should go to your doctor and get advice.

Professor Michael Boyer is Medical Oncologist at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

Author: myDr


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