Smoking Cost Calculator

Smoking Cost Calculator

Find out the cost of your smoking habit with this handy calculator, and try out the myDr quick tips to help you quit for life.

1. Enter the number of cigarettes you smoke each day:
2. Enter the number of cigarettes in your pack:
3. Enter the price of each pack:


Amount you spend per month:
Amount you spend per year:

Why you should quit

Aside from the money you could save by quitting smoking, there are countless health benefits you will gain too. When you quit smoking you can reverse some of the effects of smoking on your health. Just 12 months after quitting, your additional risk of heart disease will be halved.

How to quit

Talk to your doctor about the best method of quitting for you – remember it can take a few attempts at quitting to be successful, so even if you have tried before, don’t give up. Here are 10 tips to quit smoking that may help.

Last Reviewed: 1 July 2015


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