Downward Dog Pose – Eliza Haywood

Well known for its overall body stretch and energising qualities this pose is included in most yoga classes. It deeply

Cat and Cow Pose – Eliza Hayward

A gentle flow between inhale and exhale to warm up the spine and increase mobility. Cat and cow pose encourages

Child’s Pose (Balasana) – Eliza Hayward

Child’s pose gently stretches the shoulders, lower back, hips, legs and ankles. It complements the beginning of a practice and

Ujjayi Breath Pose – Eliza Hayward

An ancient yogic breathing technique, Ujjiayi breath is accessible for a busy mum on the go, a mum holding a

Warrior 2 Pose – Eliza Hayward

Part of our Moving Mums series, aimed at getting your core strength back, warrior 2 is a highly accessible pose.

Belly Breathing – Eliza Hayward

Belly breathing is part 2 in our series Moving Mums. Belly breathing is a pranayama technique best practised before, during

Extended Puppy Pose – Eliza Hayward

The extended puppy pose stimulates the abdominal organs and assists in improving digestive systems. A pose to stretch deeply through

Reclined Twist – Eliza Hayward

The reclined twice will help to cleanse the internal organs, release the lower back and calm a busy mind, it

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