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Can omega-3 reduce risk of pre-term birth?

Here at the Health Reader, we’re often sceptical of the benefits of supplements marketed as a cure-all for any number

CAMs not a menopausal symptom remedy

Most women reach menopause between the ages of 45 and 55 years. It’s marked by the slowing of the production

Bacteria and breast cancer

Bacteria are found living in breast tissue.  Some of these bacteria may herald the onset or may even contribute to

Important news for women in their childbearing years

The reason women have pap smears is to detect pre-cancerous changes in the surface of the cervix so they can

Can exercise help prevent ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer ranks as the sixth most common cause of cancer death in women and is the cause of 5%

How will pollution affect the next generation?

New evidence suggests that exposure to pollution can have lasting health effects on offspring. Air pollution is common and persistent

Are kids good for your health?

A child-initiated intervention has positive effects on the lifestyle of their mothers. Chronic diseases have become prevalent in the 21st

Are heart attack symptoms different for women?

Womens’s heart attack symptoms are different from men’s. Women often have different underlying causes, complications and symptoms of heart disease

Can dietary fibre reduce the risk of breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting Australian women. There are a number of known factors that increase a

Ovarian cancer test (CA125)

Among Australian women, ovarian cancer is the 8th most common type of cancer diagnosed, and the 6th most common cause

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