Getting back to fresh fruit

With the recent health focus on sugar, poor old fruit has received unwanted attention for the simple reason that it

How has fast food changed over the past 30 years

Fast food has remained a popular food choice for decades. Yet despite the push for having healthier options on the

Do meal replacements work for weight loss?

Meal replacements products such as portion-controlled meals, soups, shakes and bars are popular weight-loss options. A review of their benefits

Can a high BMI as a baby affect you as a teen?

Children who had a high body mass index (BMI) before they were two years old had poorer outcomes when they

Another unacceptable life expectancy gap 

According to a consensus statement by over 50 major organisations led by the National Mental Health Commission, people with persistent

The benefits of an active commute

It’s estimated that more than 60% of Australian adults are overweight or obese. The majority of this is attributable to

The benefits of swapping to wholegrain foods

A common theme of dietary guideline recommendations is to eat more wholegrain foods at the expense of highly refined grains.

Can a probiotic supplement help with weight loss?

Probiotics are defined as live microorganisms that may offer a health benefit when taken in adequate amounts. Beneficial effects of

Does duration of obesity up cancer risk in women?

A study has found that the longer a woman has been overweight or obese during her adult life, the higher

Video: Poor diet responsible for 1 in 5 deaths

Video transcript Is it possible that bad diets kill more people than cigarettes? According to the Global Burden of Disease

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