Vegetarian Quesadilla with Cheese and Lemon

A tasty way to get your daily dose of healthy vegetables, with a Mexican twist. Print clock clock iconcutlery cutlery

Veggie Fritters

A quick and easy option for a meatless meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner! Double the amount for a family

Vegetarian Enchilada

The perfect post workout dinner, this vegetarian enchilada is packed with healthy, nutritious for high protein hit after workout. Print

Seaweed Salad

Try a different sort of green leaf salad with this seaweed salad recipe. It is delicious and wondrously simple to

Tasty Vegetarian Bolognese

A vegetarian bolognese that everyone around the dinner table will enjoy. The perfect dish for a meat-free Monday. Print clock

Vegetarian Baked Penne

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Vegetarian Moussaka

This is a great twist on a moussaka. Tasty lentils and mushrooms, layered with eggplant, ensures a hearty and healthy

Plant-based diet: Replacing meat-based proteins

Replacing meat-based proteins with plant-based proteins reduces the risk of early death and a range of diseases. In 2015, the

Can athletes excel on a vegetarian diet?

People follow vegetarian diets for a variety of reasons such as religious beliefs, personal and moral values, environmental concerns, health

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