Is there really a difference between the Covid-19 vaccines?

As you’re probably aware, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has approved two covid-19 vaccines for use in Australia from Pfizer

How Do Vaccines Work? Dr Norman Swan

[jwplayer 6fs5XaTr] Vaccines work by, essentially, training our immune system in a safe way, in this case, with COVID 19,

What Vaccines Did Australia Choose for the Treatment of Coronavirus? Dr Norman Swan

[jwplayer XOa25w74] So Australia has chose four vaccines, they chose the Pfizer vaccine, the Astra vaccine, which is the chimpanzee

What Are the Vaccines being used in Australia? Dr Norman Swan

[jwplayer KVLCsB5o] The easiest way to describe the vaccines are in groups. So if you look at the Pfizer vaccine,

Australia’s vaccines for COVID-19

More than 200 vaccines against COVID-19 are in development worldwide. Australia has signed supply agreements with 4 manufacturers – if

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