New recommendations for treating cancers

If you’re one of the many thousands of Australians diagnosed with cancer each year, on top of the shock of

Hip fracture: does intensive physiotherapy help?

Hip fractures are a substantial problem in Australia in the ageing population. They are most common in people aged 65

Video: How to put in eye drops and ointments

Eye drops and eye ointments are used to treat many eye problems, such as conjunctivitis. Because they go directly into

Medicines: understanding your medicines

When your doctor gives you a prescription, they have made a careful decision about choosing the right medicine for you.

Medicines line: telephone service

Medicines Line (1300 MEDICINE) is a national telephone service which provides Australians with trusted information about their medicines, including prescription

When to take your medicine

Many people who are taking tablets or other medicines, either on prescription or over-the-counter, are not sure about the best

Prescription medicines

A prescription medicine is only available to you if a doctor writes a prescription requesting that this medicine be supplied

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