What is the difference between screening and targeting?

Identifying Cancers There are 2 different ways we identify cancers. One way is by what we call population screening. That

PET scan: purpose and results

What is a PET scan? A PET (positron emission tomography) scan is a medical imaging technique that provides useful information

Prediabetes; is it a risk for the heart?

Prediabetes is the precursor stage before diabetes mellitus occurs. Not all of the symptoms required to diagnose diabetes are present

Tips for taking charge of your health

Most of us have taken medicines (prescription and non-prescription) at some point in our lives and, when used appropriately, medicines

Hepatitis C: Fibroscan and liver biopsy

Can’t you get enough information from blood tests? When a person might have liver disease their doctor will use a

Hepatitis C and PCR testing

What is PCR (RNA) testing? RNA testing refers to an advanced technology that is used to detect ribonucleic acid from

Amniocentesis: what you need to know

What is amniocentesis? Amniocentesis is a test that involves inserting a thin needle into a pregnant woman’s belly to take

Liver biopsy

A liver biopsy involves removing a small sample of tissue from your liver so that it can be examined for

Nuclear medicine and radioactivity

Nuclear medicine is a branch of medicine that uses very small amounts of radioactive materials to diagnose and treat disease.

Exercise stress testing

What is exercise stress testing? Exercise stress testing is a procedure used by doctors to measure the performance and capacity

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