How Can I Access Pain Management Services? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

It is essential to admit that pain is affecting every aspect of your time and that you need to give

Making telehealth work in the ‘new normal’

Making telehealth work in the ‘new normal’ Your telehealth service was probably introduced in a hurry back in March, bolted

Important new changes to Medicare telehealth billing

From 20 July 2020, patients who have not visited a practice for a face-to-face consultation in the past 12 months

Billing myths in the era of telehealth

Myth 1. Doctors can only bill a patient for telehealth if they’ve been seen in the last 12 months Not

Telehealth during COVID-19

Telehealth consultations are now available and most GPs across Australia are working actively as to how they can provide Telehealth

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