Multiple sclerosis: What are some symptoms of MS?

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease, which attacks the lining, if you like, the insulation between nerves, that cover nerves.

Video: Symptoms of schizophrenia

What are the core symptoms? Schizophrenia has several core symptoms. The first is when people have schizophrenia, they have symptoms

Benign prostatic enlargement – symptoms

What are the symptoms of benign prostate enlargement? The symptoms of benign prostate enlargement, or benign prostatic hyperplasia as we

Video: Blood in the urine

What is blood in the urine? Blood in the urine is something that always needs to be tested. We call

How do I know if my anxiety is more than normal?

Distinguishing anxiety from normal worrying can be quite challenging. I often get asked this question. The key element is really

Are heart attack symptoms different for women?

Womens’s heart attack symptoms are different from men’s. Women often have different underlying causes, complications and symptoms of heart disease

New Borrelia bacteria species found in echidna ticks

The discovery of a novel species of Borrelia bacteria in ticks on echidnas is exciting Lyme disease activists in Australia but whether

A case of green nail syndrome

A 57-year-old man developed green fingernails after spending several months working in an electronics company in Canada. The man’s job

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