Hysterectomy: What are the risks of surgery?

The risks of having a hysterectomy, in other words, your uterus removed, are really not much different from any other

Surgeon behaviour affects patient outcome

Surgeons who are unprofessional towards their colleagues have patients who experience more complications post-surgery. What pops into your mind when

External beam radiotherapy for prostate cancer

What is external beam and what is used for? External beam is the commonest form of radiotherapy. When it’s given

Prostate cancer: surgery or radiotherapy?

Choosing between surgery or radiotherapy can be a very difficult process for patients. Both of them are recognised as very

Should I continue with elective surgery?

Transcript I actually think people should continue with elective surgery. It’s been said, well, elective surgery’s going to clog up

Where should you do your rehab?

If you have health insurance, you’re often offered the option of going directly into a rehabilitation facility for a week

Hip fracture: does intensive physiotherapy help?

Hip fractures are a substantial problem in Australia in the ageing population. They are most common in people aged 65

Effects of weight loss surgery in adolescents

Researchers investigate the effects of weight loss surgery in adolescents three years post operation. Rates of overweight and obesity continue

Do you need your appendix?

Is the appendix just an unimportant little blind alley in the bowel to be thrown in the bucket when you

Weight loss surgery and mental health

A long-term follow up of people who had successful bariatric surgery – weight loss surgery – has found that their

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