The surprising number one cause of years of life lost in Australia in 2019

What’s the leading cause of lost life years in Australia? The answer may not be what you think. By pure

What if a friend is suicidal?

Concern about suicidality is very high in our community at the moment, not just during COVID, but as many of

How can I support a person whose mental health is deteriorating?

Supporting someone who’s mental health is deteriorating, particularly for a carer, is incredibly critical but also can be very demanding.

Another unacceptable life expectancy gap 

According to a consensus statement by over 50 major organisations led by the National Mental Health Commission, people with persistent

Mental illness in younger people

Like all of us, teenagers can feel a bit down sometimes. Everyday frustrations, disappointments, problems at school or family troubles

Is concussion linked to suicide?

Suicide is the leading cause of death in Australian males and females aged between 15 – 44 years. There are

Suicide: what are the warning signs?

Suicide is a tragic event for families, friends and the entire community. Education about suicide and its prevention is the

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