How Do You Identify and Prevent Burnout?

Self care, exercise, regular rest and eating well are all strategies to help ensure you don’t experience a burnout. It

What are the physical signs of stress?

What are the signs of stress? They can be broken into psychological and physical. Let’s talk about physical. Physical signs

Video: Golden heart meditation

Tom Cronin of the Stillness Project leads us through a golden heart meditation, which will enhance feelings of love in

Video: Meditation introduction

Tom Cronin founder of the Stillness Project introduces his series of guided meditation videos demonstrating different meditation techniques, designed to

Video: 4 x 4 meditation

This 4 x 4 breathing meditation is a powerful meditation designed to regulate the breathing and bring calm to the

Video: Nidra body scan meditation

This is a yoga nidra body scan meditation, which guides you through all points of your body. It’s best done

Video: Gratitude meditation

Tom Cronin of the Stillness Project guides us through a gratitude meditation. Expressing gratitude for the abundance of good things

Video: Gentle breath meditation

Gentle breath meditation can be done in a chair or cross-legged on the floor. Tom Cronin of the Stillness Project

Video: What are the symptoms of chronic stress?

The symptoms of chronic stress are quite diverse. So, chronic stress really occurs in people who’ve been under a lot

Eating to stress less

Feeding mice a mixture of different prebiotic ingredients led to less stress and anxiety. This could shed light on how

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