How Do I Make A Return To Sport? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

Whether you are returning after injury or a prolonged hiatus, it is important to build up your strength and fitness

Diabetes in older people

Diabetes in older people Diabetes (also called diabetes mellitus) is a chronic (ongoing) condition characterised by high blood glucose (blood

Certain drugs increase risk of dementia

The anticholinergic class of drugs, commonly prescribed to older people, may be linked to an increased risk of dementia when

Stroke victims missing out on key stroke care

There are two main types of strokes a person can have. In an ischaemic stroke, an artery carrying blood to

How do medications help osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a chronic joint disease which is very common, affecting about one in 10 people and disproportionately affecting women.

Can you prevent dementia?

There are over 400,000 Australians living with dementia and this number is estimated to grow to over half a million

Can exercising reduce falls in men?

Can exercising reduce falls in men?

A regular exercise program could be one way to cut the risk of serious injuries from falls in older men.

Video: Parkinson’s disease awareness

Video transcript Dr. Norman Swan: Most of us take shopping, a walk in the park, doing household chores, and even

Which exercise is best for older obese people?

Overweight and obesity rates continue to rise. Obesity increases age-related decline in health and physical function, and contributes to frailty.

Depression in older people

Older people may be particularly prone to depression because of the increased likelihood that they will be experiencing stressful life

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