What Vaccines Did Australia Choose for the Treatment of Coronavirus? Dr Norman Swan

[jwplayer XOa25w74] So Australia has chose four vaccines, they chose the Pfizer vaccine, the Astra vaccine, which is the chimpanzee

Food waste habits uncovered in US survey

Food waste Food waste is a widespread and increasingly urgent global problem. The Food and Agriculture Organisation estimate that as

Does sleeping on your back increase chance of low birth weight?

Have you heard that sleeping on your side during the third trimester of pregnancy is important? Sleeping on your back

Give bitter foods a second chance

Despite their health benefits, bitter foods such as broccoli can put people off. New research finds that the taste perception

Happy-go-lucky optimists may have better heart health

Mindset seems to influence health outcomes and if someone’s optimistic, they’re more likely to have a healthy heart. Are you

Can you overuse your blue asthma puffer?

The blue puffer – known as a reliever – should only be used when a person with asthma is wheezing

Researchers analyse trials on Vitamin D and heart health

Numerous observational studies – the type of research where a group of people is observed, but not randomised to different

Social media influences attitudes towards cosmetic surgery

In March this year, the chair of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons penned an editorial warning about the inappropriate

Do unusual eating behaviours point to autism?

The earlier autism is picked up, the sooner a child can begin behavioural treatment, especially during the critical preschool years.

Gut microbiome research advances rapidly

The research field of the gut microbiome continues to advance rapidly. Now researchers have found that using an algorithm based

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