parkinson’s disease

Pseudodementia reversible but easy to miss

Severe depression and psychosis can cause cognitive impairment similar to what’s seen in dementia, but the effects are reversible with

How to predict Parkinson’s disease?

How to predict Parkinson’s disease?

A range of features can be identified in people several years before they are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease

Video: Parkinson’s disease awareness

Video transcript Dr. Norman Swan: Most of us take shopping, a walk in the park, doing household chores, and even

Which exercise is best for older obese people?

Overweight and obesity rates continue to rise. Obesity increases age-related decline in health and physical function, and contributes to frailty.

Depression in older people

Older people may be particularly prone to depression because of the increased likelihood that they will be experiencing stressful life

Video: What can be done to prevent falls?

Video transcript Are you, or do you have a relative, aged over 65? Alarmingly one in 3 people over 65

Giant cell arteritis and polymyalgia rheumatica

What is giant cell arteritis? Giant cell arteritis (also known as temporal arteritis) is a condition where there is inflammation

Dementia linked to overcooked food

When food is cooked, a number of chemical changes occur. Many of these are positive as they add to the

Parkinson’s disease: medication treatment options

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition, which is characterised by both motor (movement) and non-motor symptoms. It is primarily related

Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy is a sudden weakness (paralysis) in the muscles on one side of the face. This produces a strange,

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