Co-morbid depression

Co-morbid depression refers to depression that occurs in the presence of another illness. People with chronic (long-term) physical illnesses, especially

Schizophrenia medicines

Medicines called antipsychotics are the core of treatment for schizophrenia. If you or a family member have been diagnosed with

Owner of a lonely heart

When Theresa May was the UK Prime Minister, she appointed a Minister for Loneliness – charged with developing a strategy

The health risk of loneliness

Socially isolated and lonely people have been found to have a higher risk of death compared to their socially connected

Prescribing exercise for mental health

It’s estimated that around 45% of Australians will experience a mental health issue like depression, anxiety or substance use disorder

Anti-inflammatory diet may help depression

Depression is a common condition affecting around one million Australians each year. One in six women and one in eight

Video: Gut bacteria may influence your mental health

Video transcript The gut microbiome, the diverse colony of bacteria that live in your gut could affect your mental health

Suicidal behaviour and self-harm

Suicide in Australia Suicide means not only a tragic loss of a life, but also great sadness and soul-searching by

Mental illness: how family and friends can help

Mental illness affects around 20% of Australians every year, but it is treatable. This factsheet answers commonly-asked questions about the

Suicide: what are the warning signs?

Suicide is a tragic event for families, friends and the entire community. Education about suicide and its prevention is the

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