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How is Chronic Pain Managed? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

One of the problems with chronic pain is the many ways that it seeps into different parts of your life

What Is Acute Pain? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

Acute pain is helpful in that it will stop you from further hurting yourself, doing activities that risk further hard

How is Childhood Pain Managed? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

Most children, if they fall over, maybe break a limb or bark themselves are quite able to express pain. So

How Do I Make A Return To Sport? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

Whether you are returning after injury or a prolonged hiatus, it is important to build up your strength and fitness

How Can I Manage My Pain As I Return To Work? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

Working with a programme, where you have a very gradual return to your normal activities, without a sudden immersion, can

What Role Does Meditation And Relaxation Play In Pain Management? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

There’s a lot of talk about meditation, mindfulness and other therapies like that in improving health, and chronic pain is

What Types of Foods Can Help With Pain Management? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

If you have chronic pain problem, you can start with eating more fruits and vegetables and unrefined grains. Trying to

What is Involved in Self Managing My Pain? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

It’s very important to stop thinking about very short term fixes and to concentrate on what your life is going

How Can I Access Pain Management Services? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

It is essential to admit that pain is affecting every aspect of your time and that you need to give

What Are Some Effective Treatments for Lower Back Pain? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

Lower back pain is almost so common that it’s part of human existence. Most people will have lower back pain

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