Liver Damage and Cirrhosis – Dr. Norman Swan

Your liver is a large organ at the top of the right side of your abdomen. It has several roles.

How Do I Prevent My Child From Being Obese or Overweight? Dr. Norman Swan

Preventing overweight and obesity in kids is really important because you don’t want them entering adulthood with a brain set

What Types of Foods Can Help With Pain Management? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

If you have chronic pain problem, you can start with eating more fruits and vegetables and unrefined grains. Trying to

Weight loss

General Information See Your Pharmacist or Medical Professional Treatment Tips Treatment Options More Information General Information Why weight loss is

Can obesity or diabetes increase my risk of cancer?

Obesity and diabetes are both metabolic diseases. They both change the metabolism within our body. They cause hormonal changes. They

Consequences of weight stigma for men

Weight stigma: what is it anyway? Men who have experienced some level of body weight stigma are more likely to


Obesity is the condition of being very overweight and having a lot of body fat. Obesity usually begins in childhood.

Reducing our diet of ultra-processed foods

Obesity and chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes are driving premature deaths in Australia and around the world. A

Why you shouldn’t sleep with the light on

Being exposed to too much artificial light such a television or light on in the bedroom while sleeping ups the

How has fast food changed over the past 30 years

Fast food has remained a popular food choice for decades. Yet despite the push for having healthier options on the

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