Patellofemoral pain syndrome (kneecap pain)

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a term used to describe pain at the front of the knee and around or behind

Strength training exercises

Challenging your muscles with strength training (also called resistance training) exercises 2 or 3 times each week is all that

ITB syndrome

What is ITB friction syndrome? ITB friction syndrome (ITBFS) is inflammation of the iliotibial band (ITB) (the strong band of

Calf strain or tear

What is it? A calf strain, commonly called a ‘pulled’ muscle, is caused by overstretching or tearing of either of

Corked thigh

What is a corked thigh? A “corked thigh” or muscle contusion is caused by a severe impact to the muscles

Stretching: an illustrated guide

Why stretch? Stretching exercises encourage lengthening of your muscles and their associated tendons. They counteract the shortening and tightening of

Shin pain (shin splints)

What is it? Shin pain is felt on or around the shin bone (tibia) and it may be localised or can

Muscle aches and pains: treatments

Muscular aches and pains are very common and most people will suffer from sore muscles at some time or another.

Rotator cuff injury

A rotator cuff injury is usually a strain or tear of the rotator cuff – the muscles, tendons and joint

Exercise to burn fat

Humans have a natural tendency to store fat — it’s a survival mechanism to protect us against the possibility of

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