Hip and thigh

Take a look at these 3 different views of the hip and thigh, showing the superficial muscles. Side view of

Golfer’s elbow

What is golfer’s elbow? Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis) arises as a result of inflammation of the tendons that insert into

Knee ligaments

The knee is the largest joint in your body, forming a hinge between your femur (thigh bone) above, and the

Video: Exercise keeps dementia at bay for middle-aged women

Video transcript There’s an established body of research showing exercise is beneficial for your brain and may go some way

Healthy ageing in your fifties

It’s easy to assume that all the changes you notice happening in your body in your 50s are due to

Physical activity in children and teenagers

Physical Activity Many parents worry that their children are not active enough. Encouraging kids to be more active is not

Posterior tibial tendon injury

Posterior tibial tendon injury (posterior tibial tendonitis) occurs when the posterior tibial tendon becomes inflamed or torn. The posterior tibial

Achilles tendinitis

What is Achilles tendinitis? Achilles tendinitis, also known as Achilles tendonitis, is inflammation of the Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon

Leg (knee to ankle) – superficial posterior view

View the surface muscles of the leg from the back. See where the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles — commonly known

Ankle sprain

What is it? An ankle sprain is damage to the ankle ligaments, most commonly caused by a single sudden incident,

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