What is rubella? Rubella (also called German measles or 3-day measles) used to be a common infectious illness, which mostly

Fifth disease

Fifth disease, or slapped cheek disease, is a common virus infection affecting young children. Officially called erythema infectiosum (EI), it


Mumps is a highly contagious virus infection that affects the glands that produce saliva, and occasionally other parts of the

Febrile seizures

Febrile seizures (also called febrile convulsions or febrile fits) are seizures associated with a fever in young children. They are

Video: Meningococcal disease warning

Video transcript Meningococcal disease has been responsible for 2 deaths on the NSW Central Coast in the last 2 months,

Drugs and young people

Drugs and young people Many parents worry that their teenage children might be using, or might start using, drugs. Sometimes,

Video: Measles is on the rise

Measles can be fatal – but is totally preventable. So why are we still seeing cases in Australia, after the

Cerebral palsy Q and A

What is cerebral palsy? Cerebral palsy (CP) is the name given to a group of disorders that affect body posture

Video: Binge drinking teenagers – are parents to blame?

The idea of giving your children a sip of alcohol now and again with dinner to get them used to

Faecal incontinence in children (encopresis)

Underwear soiling is a problem that arises in children commonly as a result of chronic (ongoing) constipation. It is known

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