Dyslexia in children

Dyslexia is a type of specific learning disorder (sometimes called specific learning difference, difficulty or disability) that makes it difficult

Bowed legs

Bowed legs — where the legs bend outwards at the knees — is a common condition in childhood. Most children

Seizures: first aid

Seizures affect up to one in 10 people at some stage in their lifetime. There are different types and causes


Epilepsy is a relatively common condition in which the electrical and chemical activity of the brain loses its usual co-ordination

Video: Ruptured knees on the rise in kids

ACL – three letters that invoke dread in any sportsperson. The anterior cruciate ligament is a critical part of your

Glue ear balloon treatment avoids surgery

Children over 4 with glue ear (known as otitis media with effusion) could now be treated with a simple non-surgical

Kids have high junk food ‘brand awareness’

Childhood obesity continues to be a global public health concern. The pervasive influence of the marketing of ‘junk food’ into

What effect does general anaesthetic have on child development?

General anaesthesia is vital to a plethora of important – sometimes life-saving – procedures you may undergo in hospital. Medical

Pulled elbow

Pulled elbow (also known as a or nursemaid’s elbow or babysitter’s elbow) is a partial dislocation of the elbow. It


Wetting the bed (also known as nocturnal enuresis) is a common problem among young children. It affects up to 20

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