mental health

Is sleep apnea linked to depression and anxiety?

Sleep apnea can be highly debilitating. It occurs when the walls of the throat come together and block your airways

Depression – Aboriginal health

Sometimes, people feel very sad and don’t know why. If you’ve felt this way for a while, it’s possible you

He doesn’t hit me, so why am I scared?

Feeling uneasy, tense, confused or scared may be a sign that there is something wrong with the way you are

Social media influences attitudes towards cosmetic surgery

In March this year, the chair of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons penned an editorial warning about the inappropriate

Domestic and family violence

Domestic and family violence is widespread in Australia. Approximately one quarter of women in Australia have experienced at least one

Exercise is the drug you need for your brain

There have been many studies linking exercise with benefits for the brain but no-one’s been too sure about whether that’s

Is sexting healthy or harmful?

‘Sexting’ is the sharing of sexual messages and other content, including photos, online. One in seven young people are sending

Mental health issues and the body

People who have persistent mental health issues such as depression, bipolar disorder and psychotic illnesses have – on average –

Why alcohol is not a good coping strategy during COVID-19

Have alcohol sales gone up? Well, as most of you know, alcohol sales have gone through the roof during the

Video: Treatments for schizophrenia

What are the steps following diagnosis? Once someone’s been diagnosed with schizophrenia, the inevitable question is how do we treat

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