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Video: Boredom

Video transcript Make boredom work for you. “Boredom is the dream bird that hatches the egg of experience.” Walter Benjamin

Video: Lift your mood with some weights

Do you do any weight-bearing exercise? That can mean your own bodyweight – think pushups and crunches – but it

Video: Surf therapy can help depression and PTSD

It’s a beautiful morning. A group of people meet on the beach to see the sun rising. They sit in a

Keep fit in middle age to avoid latelife depression

It’s becoming increasingly clear that how healthy you are in midlife has significant flow-on effects to your health in old

Video: One in 4 Australians is lonely

An online survey has found a quarter of Australians feel lonely 3 days of every week and 1 in 5

Antipsychotic medication

Antipsychotic medications work by altering your brain chemistry to reduce psychotic symptoms like hallucinations, delusions and disordered thinking. They also

Cannabis psychosis

What is cannabis? Cannabis (marijuana, hashish, weed, dope) is the most commonly used illicit recreational drug in Australia. It’s a

Depression: Q and A

What is depression? Depression is more than just feeling down or low. It is natural to temporarily feel ‘down in

Mental illness: available treatments

Treatment for mental illness often involves a combination of approaches, which may be offered by different healthcare professionals in Australia.

Health Diary: Mental Health Awareness Month

Almost 50 per cent of Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime, but are mental health disorders becoming

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