5 Ways to Improve your Health

The majority of us don’t spend enough time working towards our better health. We also ignore looking after ourselves or

Can one hour of exercise a day save your life?

One hour of exercise each day eliminates the health toll of sitting. The activity patterns of over one million people

Video: Does the midlife crisis really exist?

Video transcript Does the “midlife crisis” really exist? Many people believe that it does. “I’m having a midlife crisis!” is

Quicken your step to live longer

You likely know the joy of a leisurely stroll through the park – soaking up the sunshine and watching the

myDr’s top 10 health news stories of 2018

These are the top 10 news stories brought to you by in 2018. News about sleep took out the

Health habits for a longer life

What leads to a longer life? Despite life expectancy growing dramatically in the last century, not all countries have seen

Video: Exercise benefits gut bugs

Video transcript The gut microbiome is one of the big research themes attracting public attention. The microbiome is made up

An active body for an active mind

Like our body, our brain deteriorates as we age. While some cognitive decline is inevitable, some may be preventable. Smoking,

How fast are you ageing?

The best medicine for ageing is to reduce the rate of biological decline. The processes of biological ageing can be

A good night’s sleep for a healthy mind

Sleep problems are common in people with mental illness. It’s traditionally been thought that poor sleep is a symptom or

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