Free Flu Jab To Tackle Surging Case Numbers

Influenza cases are soaring in parts of Australia as a result of colder weather, open borders and reduced immunity in

Whatʼs the Best Way to Keep the Flu Away? – Summit Health

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Influenza could be bad this year. What does it mean for your practice?

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly has recently warned Australia is likely to see an increase in flu cases this winter

Australian Standard Vaccination Schedule

This table shows vaccinations included in the Australian National Immunisation Program Schedule as well as some other recommended vaccinations. Below

Where can I get a flu shot?

Video transcript Most people in Australia get their flu vaccine from either their GP or their pharmacy. In addition, there

When’s the best time to have a flu shot?

Video transcript Now’s the time to have the flu vaccine from April onwards so that you’re well vaccinated to prevent

Who should have the flu vaccination?

Video transcript Dr Matthew Cullen, Psychiatrist, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney As to who should have the vaccine, there are two

Flu vaccination

Most Australians benefit from having a yearly flu vaccination. In 2020, flu vaccination is even more important as the peak

Should I get the flu vaccine?

Transcript One of the key messages this year with coronavirus is that everybody should be covered for influenza. And as

Influenza: self-care

General Information See Your Pharmacist or Medical Professional Treatment Tips Treatment Options More Information General Information Influenza (the flu) is

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