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What’s the latest COVID-19 Booster Information for Immunocompromised Australians including Autoimmune Conditions

This is what ATAGI recommends: “A third primary dose of COVID-19 vaccine is recommended for people aged 5 years or

White-tail spider bite – symptoms and treatment

Although a white-tail spider bite can be painful and cause temporary skin irritation and inflammation, experts now say it’s very unlikely

Your kids’ immune system: how to boost it

The Immune System is responsible for protecting our body from harmful germs, viruses and bacteria. The immune system may be

How is gut health linked to immunity?

Gut health is linked to immunity in a variety of ways, but essentially we’ve got these millions or trillions of

Does lack of sleep affect your immune system?

There’s a lot of concern about lack of sleep. Now lack of sleep is in the eye of the beholder.

What is a cytokine storm? Does it happen in COVID-19?

  A cytokine storm is an over-reaction of the immune system. Cytokines are chemical messengers which control the immune system.

Asthma in children

Asthma is relatively common in children. Although it is a serious medical condition, asthma can be well controlled, allowing your

Asthma in teenagers

Dealing with asthma can be difficult for anybody, and for teenagers it may be accompanied by embarrassment and confusion. Here

Video: New asthma guidelines

Video transcript Asthma affects 2.7 million Australians. If not managed properly asthma can be life threatening. Asthma Council Australia has updated

Asthma, pregnancy and breast feeding

If you have asthma, being pregnant or breast feeding should present no problems, providing you continue to control your asthma

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