heart disease

Angina Pain

Angina pain is a symptom of an underlying heart problem. Talk to your doctor about treatment and management. Angina pain

Common Metabolic Disorders – Dr. Norman Swan

The most common metabolic disorder in Australia is diabetes. So essentially it’s a failure of metabolism of blood sugar. Type

Exercise stress tests

What is exercise stress testing? Exercise stress testing is a procedure used by doctors to measure the performance and capacity

What are the risk factors for heart disease?

Professor David Celermajer Professor David Celermajer is Scandrett Professor of Cardiology and Head of Cardiology at the University of Sydney.

What problems does angina cause?

So angina causes two kinds of problem. One is symptoms that stop people exercising, which can be disabling for people

How important is salt in the diet?

So salt is extremely important in people with high blood pressure. So if you have high blood pressure salt will

Can the Mediterranean diet reduce my risk of heart attack?

The Mediterranean diet is absolutely proven to prevent heart disease, and it reduces absolute risk by about one-third. So whatever

Relationship between cholesterol and heart disease

The relationship between cholesterol and heart disease is not as tight as some people think. Variation in cholesterol only accounts

What role does salt play in heart disease?

So salt is a population risk factor more than an individual risk factor except in people with high blood pressure,

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