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How to get kids to eat vegetables?

Getting kids to eat their veggies can be a challenge. New research finds that there is merit in the advice

What does your walk say about your health?

How fast an older person walks – their ‘gait speed’ – has been used as a proxy for health for

Consequences of weight stigma for men

Weight stigma: what is it anyway? Men who have experienced some level of body weight stigma are more likely to

Competition key when it comes to increasing exercise

People who were competing against one another did more exercise and formed better exercise habits than people who worked together.

Happy-go-lucky optimists may have better heart health

Mindset seems to influence health outcomes and if someone’s optimistic, they’re more likely to have a healthy heart. Are you

Healthy gums may lead to a healthy heart

More evidence that severe gum disease, or periodontitis, may be linked to high blood pressure. While high blood pressure is

Researchers analyse trials on Vitamin D and heart health

Numerous observational studies – the type of research where a group of people is observed, but not randomised to different

Will a sugar-tax decrease our sugar consumption?

Traffic light labelling, healthier drinks in the home and price increases all decreased the consumption of sugary drinks. There’s been

Are dog owners more physically active?

People who owned a dog were much more likely to fulfil physical activity guidelines, compared with people who didn’t. Public

Is life purpose linked to mortality?

People without a strong purpose in life lived for less time.  This could influence the need for interventions which instill

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