Childhood Health Linked to Midlife Cognition Function

We often hear about how critical someone’s early years are to their health in later life, and a lengthy study

OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

What is obsessive compulsive disorder? Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a disabling anxiety disorder. People with OCD experience recurring intrusive

Dental Care for Children

Dental care for babies and young children The best time to start looking after your baby’s teeth is soon after

How Can I Access Pain Management Services? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

It is essential to admit that pain is affecting every aspect of your time and that you need to give

Competition key when it comes to increasing exercise

People who were competing against one another did more exercise and formed better exercise habits than people who worked together.

Does a daily tipple decrease your risk of dementia?

People who have a few drinks a week may have a reduced risk of dementia, compared to those who drank

Fibre could save your life

You probably know that you need to eat more fibre. Television advertisements, food labelling campaigns and the distant memory of

What does a good diet really mean?

Australian research has found that focusing on your whole diet rather than obsessing on individual nutrients pays off in terms

Do fruit and vegetables make you happy?

Fruits and vegetables have an abundance of health benefits. In Australia, however, just six percent of people eat the recommended

Is coffee healthy or harmful?

Coffee is an often maligned beverage for its potential health risks but a major scientific review suggests the weight of

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