flu vaccination

Free Flu Jab To Tackle Surging Case Numbers

Influenza cases are soaring in parts of Australia as a result of colder weather, open borders and reduced immunity in

Vaccinations for older people

As we get older, our immune systems become slightly less effective at protecting us from disease. This means that we

Adult immunisation

Adequate vaccination is just as important for adults as it is for children. It’s not just travel vaccines that are

How effective is the flu vaccine this year?

Video transcript Whether you’re a first-time flu vacciner or have had flu vaccine on many occasions before, the flu vaccine

Where can I get a flu shot?

Video transcript Most people in Australia get their flu vaccine from either their GP or their pharmacy. In addition, there

Who is eligible for a free flu shot?

Video transcript The flu vaccine does have a cost, but it is free under the National Immunisation Program for several

When’s the best time to have a flu shot?

Video transcript Now’s the time to have the flu vaccine from April onwards so that you’re well vaccinated to prevent

Flu vaccination

Most Australians benefit from having a yearly flu vaccination. In 2020, flu vaccination is even more important as the peak

Colds, flu and complementary medicines

As irritating and unwelcome as cold and flu symptoms may be, they are mostly benign. However these illnesses can last

Video: Parkinson’s disease awareness

Video transcript Dr. Norman Swan: Most of us take shopping, a walk in the park, doing household chores, and even

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