Dr. Norman Swan

What is Sleep Apnea? Dr. Norman Swan

Sleep apnea is extremely detrimental to mental and physical health. Often confused with simple snoring it needs to be properly

Sleep Apnea Treatments – Dr. Norman Swan

There are lots of treatments available for sleep apnea. But you must get a proper diagnosis from your GP or

What is so bad about codeine, anyway? Dr. Norman Swan

Codeine is now removed from pharmacies because it was more dangerous than helpful as a painkiller. Codeine-containing painkillers and cough

Overcoming Lockdown Fatigue – Dr. Norman Swan

Fighting lockdown fatigue is essential to keep you physically and mental healthy so we can all enjoy the freedoms that

Vaccines for Kids – Dr. Norman Swan

Both Moderna and Pfizer are currently running trials for vaccines for kids under 12. For ages 12-15 both Moderner and

Is any Number of Covid Infections Acceptable? Dr. Norman Swan

There is no right number of cases per day. We need to reduce the number of hospitalisation and ICU admission.

Exercise to Survive Lockdown – Dr. Norman Swan

Through regular physical activities and staying connected with our family and friends via Zoom and telephone we can get through

Do Incentives Increase Vaccination Uptake?

We are almost 90% vaccinated in NSW. So far the best incentives we’ve had is not to catch Covid-19 and

Which is The Most Effective Covid-19 Vaccine? Dr. Norman Swan

All the Covid-19 vaccines available in Australia are effective. They will protect you from getting infected and becoming seriously ill.

Variants of Covid-19 – Dr. Norman Swan

The Delta strain is currently the most concerning variant of the Covd-19 virus. New variants of the coronavirus are emerging

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