Dr. Norman Swan

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting – Dr. Norman Swan

Intermittent Fasting stresses our metabolic system causing it to work more efficiently. The benefits range from deep detoxification at a

Heart Health and Longevity – Dr. Norman Swan

Starting a regular exercise regime will strengthen your heart muscles and keep it beating more efficiently. Exercise should include intense

Reversing Lung Damage – Dr. Norman Swan

By quitting smoking you stop damaging your lungs. With a combination of exercise, medications and positive lifestyle choices you could

Reversing Plaque Build up in Your Heart – Dr. Norman Swan

Maintaining incredibly low levels of cholesterol and is a good way to potentially reverse some plaque build up in your

Does Protein Requirement Increase with Age?

It is essential to maintain a good level of protein intake throughout our life for good immune system and muscle

Long Covid and It’s Effect on Children – Dr. Norman Swan

The effects of long covid are very rare in children under 12. However being diligent and checking for all symptoms

Ensuring Bone Health and Longevity – Dr. Norman Swan

Regular moderate exercise including impact exercises and weight bearing exercises are very beneficial for ensuring healthy bones and ligaments and

Recovering from Covid-19 – Dr. Norman Swan

Recovering from COVID depends partly on whether you’re vaccinated. If you’re vaccinated, you tend to get a very mild illness,

How do you catch Pinworms? – Dr. Norman Swan

Pinworms are often transferred from children to children and is due to bad hygiene. Pin worms are common in children.

Diagnosing ADHD – Dr. Norman Swan

ADHD is difficult and complex to diagnosed, it affects boys and girls differently. Unfortunately it is heavily underdaignosed amongst adults.

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