Dr. Norman Swan

How Do I Prevent My Child From Being Obese or Overweight? Dr. Norman Swan

Preventing overweight and obesity in kids is really important because you don’t want them entering adulthood with a brain set

How Do I Quit Smoking? Dr. Norman Swan

By calling Quit Line, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to give up smoking quickly. Hello, it’s Norman Swan

What Does Alcohol Do To My Liver?

People often ask, “What does regular alcohol bingeing do to my liver?” Well, it depends on what you call regular.

Why Is Having A Routine So Important?

Having a routine in your life is really important for stability in this chaotic world. Having a routine in your

How Can I Deal With Gallstone Pain? Dr. Norman Swan

Chronic gallstone pain can often be down the right hand side, just below your rib and made worse by eating

How Do I Ask For A Mental Health Plan? Dr. Norman Swan

Help and empathy is available for anyone with mental health concerns. You only need to approach your doctor to receive

How Do You Treat A Minor Cut? Dr. Norman Swan

Hello, it’s Norman Swan here. Tips for treating minor cuts? What kind of question is “What is a minor cut?”

How Do I Deal With an Ankle Sprain? Dr. Norman Swan

Hello. It’s Norman Swan here. If you’ve got a sprain and it’s a true sprain, in other words, you’ve gone

How Can I Look After My Liver?

Our livers are really good at looking after itself and detoxifying our blood and moving bile. Instead of wasting time

How Do I Fix A Runny Nose?

There’s no quick fix to a runny nose, at best you can talk to your doctor to see if you

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