Dr. Matthew Cullen

How Can Comorbidities Lead to Depression?

Quit often it’s not the presence of multiple diseases that causes depression but the stress and trauma of dealing with

How Can We Work on our Mental Health in a “New Normal”?

There is a new normal post COVID, that is, people gradually returning back to normal, gradually returning to the workplace,

Depression and anger, is there a difference? Is anger a symptom?

Depression and anger are actually quite distinctly different things. Depression is the feeling of sadness, feeling down, feeling flat, lacking

Mental Health Professionals. Who can help?

There’re variety of mental health professionals. And I’ll give a description of who they are and give a sense of

How Do You Mentally Prepare for Parenthood?

Expecting parents no longer have to be in the dark, there are many ways to learn how to navigate the

How Do you Manage Covid-19 Vaccine Guilt?

Feeling guilty for receiving the vaccine before others is normal, even commendable as it shows you are empathetic and care

What Is Emotional Exhaustion? Dr Matthew Cullen

If you identify as being emotionally exhausted talk to someone who’s supportive, a psychologist or a friend or family. Exercise,

How Do You Identify and Prevent Burnout?

Self care, exercise, regular rest and eating well are all strategies to help ensure you don’t experience a burnout. It

Caring for the carer. What are some tips?

Caring for yourself when you’re a carer is a really important element for carers to be mindful of. The risk

Treatments for depression during pregnancy

It is important to treat depression in those who are pregnant. Failure to so will impact on the health and

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