Dr. Katrina Rowan

Can More Than One Embryo Be Implanted? Dr. Katrina Rowan

It’s a decision between a patient and their doctor, but almost all doctors would be strongly recommend a single embryo

What is Digital High Magnification of Sperm? Dr. Katrina Rowan

Digital high magnification of sperm is a technique used within the IVF laboratory. It’s where, rather than a standard microscope,

What is The Process of Egg Fertilisation and Storage?

Egg Fertilisation and Storage So most eggs in a cycle will be fertilised and will be used. But if the

What is Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Test and Ovarian Reserve?

So AMH or anti mullerian hormone is a hormone that is produced by eggs as they go from the storage

Are IVF Pregnancies High Risk? Dr. Katrina Rowan

As long as a woman starts off with a good bill of health and has no other serious medical conditions,

What Is The Role of Digital High Magnification? – Dr. Katrina Rowan

Digital high magnification, ICSI’s, role hasn’t been strongly confirmed by good science at the moment, but it is sometimes considered

What is the IVF Process for Same Sex Female Couples? Dr. Katrina Rowan

So first, a same-sex female couple wants to conceive a family, there are a few options available to them. They

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