Dr. Jenny Cook

What Are Some Common Issues That Occur During the IVF Process? – Dr. Jenny Cook

The most common issue that we’re really looking out for during the actual IVF process is a condition called hyperstimulation.

Preserving Fertility and Cancer – Dr. Jenny Cook

Cancer in immediately post-pubescent girls can happen. Probably the most common we would see there would be lymphoma. And it’s

How Long Can You Freeze Eggs and Embryos For?

The embryos and eggs could actually be frozen indefinitely, but in most states you will need to sign a document

The Side Effects of IVF Process – Dr. Jenny Cook

The vast majority of women will go through IVF without any significant side effects at all. The main side effect

What is Ovulation Tracking?

So at Monash IVF we do a lot of natural cycle ovulation tracking. So that’s really to facilitate the timing

Why Is Finding The Right Fertility Team So Important? – Dr. Jenny Cook

I can’t stress enough that it is so important to find the right team, the right fertility team to look

Why Would You Do a Frozen Embryo Transfer? Dr. Jenny Cook

Worldwide, there are more pregnancies that result from frozen embryo transfers. No one has ever shown that for the vast

What Role Does The Geneticist Play in the IVF Process? Dr. Cook

The geneticist has an increasingly greater role to play in IVF. For our women who are doing donor sperm treatment,

What Happens During the Donor Egg Process? – Dr. Jenny Cook

So on the question of donor eggs, clearly you yourself won’t be going through the IVF process in terms of

Why is Counselling During IVF so Important? Dr. Jenny Cook

Counselling during IVF is absolutely vital during the IVF process. I think it’s important to help you frame your thoughts

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