Covid-19 Vaccines

COVID and children. What should parents do if their child gets the virus?

Paediatrician, Associate Professor Margie Danchin provides expert advice. Recently the New South Wales Coroner confirmed that COVID-19 was responsible for

Additional COVID-19 vaccine now recommended for vulnerable Australians

Some Australians can receive their fourth — and in some cases, their fifth dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. In Australia,

Do Alternative Cures to Covid-19 Exist? – Dr. Norman Swan

There are no alternative cures for Covid-19 and it’s variants. People who are un-vaccinated or anti-vax are burdening the healthcare

Do Covid Vaccines Prevent Infections? Dr. Norman Swan

All three Covid-19 vaccines available in Australia at the moment are equally effective at preventing hospitalisation, ICU admissions, and death.

Vaccines for Covid-19 – Most Studied in History – Dr. Norman Swan

The Covid-19 vaccines are most the closely scrutinised vaccines human history for safety and done so in such large numbers.

Covid-19 Restrictions by States

States governments across Australia have introduced restrictions on gatherings, activities and businesses. This is to help stop the spread of

Myths Surrounding Covid-19 – Dr. Norman Swan

Myth’s surrounding Covid-19 only confuse and muddy the waters. Covid-19 is a dangerous virus, it is highly contagious, mask wearing

Why Do I Need Two Doses of the Covid-19 Vaccine? Dr. Norman Swan

The prime and boost strategy ensures that the body is familiar with the vaccine and response needed to the virus

Will the Covid-19 Vaccine Protect me for Life? Dr. Norman Swan

Fighting off new variants of Coronavirus may be the reason why most people may need a booster shot after getting

To be or not to be vaccinated: expert advice for practices on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

With up to 30% of Australians indicating that they won’t be getting the COVID-19 vaccination, what can we do to

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