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What’s the latest COVID-19 Booster Information for Immunocompromised Australians including Autoimmune Conditions

This is what ATAGI recommends: “A third primary dose of COVID-19 vaccine is recommended for people aged 5 years or

Is any Number of Covid Infections Acceptable? Dr. Norman Swan

There is no right number of cases per day. We need to reduce the number of hospitalisation and ICU admission.

Vaccination for Children – Dr. Norman Swan

Discussions around the immunisation of children under 12 suggest this may not happen till March 2022. It’s not at all

Will the Covid-19 Vaccine Protect me for Life? Dr. Norman Swan

Fighting off new variants of Coronavirus may be the reason why most people may need a booster shot after getting

Should Australian’s be Concerned about Blood Clots with the AstraZeneca Vaccine?

The risk factors from AstraZeneca Vaccine doesn’t disappear, it just becomes very low as you get older. So let me

How Do you Manage Covid-19 Vaccine Guilt?

Feeling guilty for receiving the vaccine before others is normal, even commendable as it shows you are empathetic and care

What Risks Are Individuals Taking by Not Being Vaccinated?

Age is a large contributor to your need to vaccinate against Covid-19. Older people are far more susceptible to hospitalisations

What Are Your Travel Predictions for 2021? Where Will We be Able to Travel To?

The key to free domestic travel and creating travel bubbles with overseas countries is mass immunisation against the virus. The

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