The Side Effects of IVF Process – Dr. Jenny Cook

The vast majority of women will go through IVF without any significant side effects at all. The main side effect

Why is Counselling During IVF so Important? Dr. Jenny Cook

Counselling during IVF is absolutely vital during the IVF process. I think it’s important to help you frame your thoughts

I’m struggling after a breakup

After a breakup, it’s pretty common that you just don’t feel yourself. You’ve been in this relationship, potentially a longterm

Supporting someone with addiction

Supporting someone with addiction, from the treatment of their addiction through to rehab is incredibly challenging. Why is it so

How do I talk to someone I think is depressed?

Talking to someone who is depressed, particularly if you’re a friend or family member, is a very important and in

Another unacceptable life expectancy gap 

According to a consensus statement by over 50 major organisations led by the National Mental Health Commission, people with persistent

An early helping hand for bereaved adolescents

Early bereavement, a period of intense grief and mourning, can have a profound impact on an adolescent’s immediate and long-term

Mental illness: available treatments

Treatment for mental illness often involves a combination of approaches, which may be offered by different healthcare professionals in Australia.

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