colon cancer

Cancer and COVID-19

Cancer Council understands that Australians undergoing cancer treatment, cancer survivors and their families and friends may have questions in relation

Can you exercise away the effects of sedentary behaviour?

In an increasingly busy world, sedentary behaviour – that is sitting for prolonged periods of time – has become more

Quality of life and exercise in cancer survivors

Cancer remains a substantial health burden globally. While there are still high death rates associated with cancer, there are many

Colorectal cancer does early screening help?

Colorectal cancer (CRC), also known as bowel cancer, is cancer in any part of the large bowel (colon or rectum).


What is leukaemia? Leukaemia is cancer of the parts of the body that make blood, including the bone marrow and

Bladder cancer

Cancer of the bladder is a tumour of the tissue lining the bladder. There are several different types, the most

Prostate cancer treatment needs to be tailored

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in Australia. It’s estimated that more than 16,000 new cases

Uterine cancer

What is cancer of the uterus? Cancer of the uterus occurs when cells become abnormal and start growing and multiplying

Exercise helps cancer survivors

Survival rates for a number of cancers continue to improve, in part because of more effective treatments. While cancer treatments

Complementary medicine users have worse cancer survival

Complementary medicines are estimated to be used by two out of three Australians – we spend $3.5 billion on it

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