child development

Newborn baby’s senses

While some senses are more developed than others, babies can see, hear, smell, taste and feel from birth. Find out

Early childhood – Aboriginal families

Early Childhood – Aboriginal Families The first five years of your child’s life make a big difference to the rest

Consistent sleep helps to boost grades

Sleep is thought to play a critical role in memory. The links aren’t fully understood but it’s clear that someone

Can the size of your social network make your baby smarter?

The earliest years of a person’s life form a critical foundation for her future – in terms of health, relationships

Video: Bedwetting – Dr Golly

Video transcript Hi there, I’m Dr Golly and today we’re talking about bedwetting in children and adolescents. Daytime toilet training

Down syndrome

What is Down syndrome? Down syndrome is a disorder of our genetic material and currently is the most common cause

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