Osteoarthritis: what it does to your joints

Osteoarthritis affects most of the structures of a joint – not just the cartilage. A joint is where 2 or

More exercise equals less disease

The benefits of physical activity on reducing risk of chronic diseases are well documented. Relatively few studies, however, have quantified

Physical activity and exercise: getting started

So you’re thinking about becoming more active? That’s great! Being active on a regular basis will help improve your health

Video: Is HIIPA the new HIIT?

What do – washing the car, carrying groceries, and climbing stairs – have in common? They’re all opportunities for High Intensity Incidental Physical

Sciatica: symptoms, causes and diagnosis

Sciatica is the name for a syndrome which is characterised by pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic


What is concussion? Concussion is a disturbance of brain functioning caused by direct or indirect force to the head. It

Warming up and cooling down for exercise

Appropriate warm-up and cool-down periods are an important part of any exercise programme. THE WARM-UP Why warm up? When commencing

Sports injury prevention

Sport, along with a wide variety of exercise, is universally recognised as an effective way to keep in shape for

Joint: synovial

A synovial joint is the type of joint found between bones that move against each other, such as the joints

Mallet finger

Mallet finger is the result of an injury to the tendon that extends or straightens your fingertip. The extensor tendons

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