What role does food play in cancer prevention?

Diet plays an important role in cancer, and there are many different ways in which this happens. At a basic

What is throat cancer?

Throat cancer’s a generic term that applies to cancers of usually the mouth, the back of the nose, the top

What is leukoplakia?

There is a condition called leukoplakia, which is an inflammatory condition often of the side of the cheek, the inside

What causes brain cancer?

I don’t think that the cause or causes of brain cancer are really well known. There’s a lot of talk

Can obesity or diabetes increase my risk of cancer?

Obesity and diabetes are both metabolic diseases. They both change the metabolism within our body. They cause hormonal changes. They

What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a way of treating cancer that really harnesses the body’s own immune system. Typically when we use immunotherapy

How food choices can cut cancer risk

Diet is an important modifiable risk factor for changing the risk of cancer. Knowing just how much individual foods and

Skin drug may help cancer

One of the unexpected benefits of genetic research is that it sometimes turns up abnormal genes in a disease like

How well can computers detect skin cancer?

Computer software has advanced in leaps and bounds when it comes to detecting melanoma, but it’s not always better than

Do all prostate cancers require treatment?

Do all prostate cancers need active treatment? Not all prostate cancers need active treatment. And in fact, when we do

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