What is leukoplakia? Dr Michael Boyer answers

There is a condition called leukoplakia, which is an inflammatory condition often of the side of the cheek, the inside

What questions should I be asking on a referral?

[jwplayer Suy1yR97] If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and you’re being referred to a specialist for treatment, the most important

What role does food play in cancer prevention?

Diet plays an important role in cancer, and there are many different ways in which this happens. At a basic

What are some examples of rare cancers?

Rare cancers include things such as mesothelioma, head and neck cancers, some of the gynecologic cancers like ovarian or uterine

Unexplained weight loss and bruising

Unexplained weight loss is a clear sign that there’s something going on in your body. It can be a sign

What if have cancer and I’m losing weight?

[jwplayer LQsvYmfr ] If you have cancer and you’re losing weight, one of the important things to do is to

What is laryngeal cancer? Dr Michael Boyer

The larynx is another word for the voice box. It’s how we speak. And laryngeal cancer refers to cancers of

How can I reduce my risk of cancer? Dr Michael Boyer

There are a whole series of things that individuals can do to reduce their risk of cancer. And fortunately, they’re

How to reduce the risk of throat cancer – Dr Michael Boyer

Quit smoking and reduce drinking Mouth and throat cancers typically are associated with smoking and alcohol consumption. And decreasing alcohol

What determines my cancer outcome? Dr Michael Boyer

Cancer survival and the outcome of your cancer is determined by many things. The cancer itself determines it. But very

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