What is nasopharyngeal cancer? Dr Michael Boyer

The nasopharynx is a part of the body that is behind your nose and at the top of the throat.

Are there particular signs or symptoms of cancer?

One of the difficult things about cancer is there’s no single indicator, no single sign that says you’ve got cancer.

How do you treat cancer?

When you’re treated for cancer, the goal, usually, if it’s an early cancer, is to eradicate the cancer. There is

Is breast cancer common in young women?

Young women and breast cancer is an important topic. And I think the most important thing to remember about it,

Preserving Fertility and Cancer – Dr. Jenny Cook

Cancer in immediately post-pubescent girls can happen. Probably the most common we would see there would be lymphoma. And it’s

Is tiredness a symptom of cancer? Dr Michael Boyer

Tiredness is one of those symptoms that can be a sign of almost anything, including cancer, but mostly people who

What is leukoplakia? Dr Michael Boyer answers

There is a condition called leukoplakia, which is an inflammatory condition often of the side of the cheek, the inside

What questions should I be asking on a referral?

[jwplayer Suy1yR97] If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and you’re being referred to a specialist for treatment, the most important

What role does food play in cancer prevention?

Diet plays an important role in cancer, and there are many different ways in which this happens. At a basic

What are some examples of rare cancers?

Rare cancers include things such as mesothelioma, head and neck cancers, some of the gynecologic cancers like ovarian or uterine

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