Mindful eating improves weight loss and eating habits

Diets come and go, yet few offer any real long-term solution for weight loss and weight maintenance. One very simple

Listeria: bacterial menace in frozen vegetables

Video transcript Packaged frozen vegetables were recalled across Australia on 9th July 2018 amid fears of contamination by the deadly

Best diet for weight loss – low carb or low fat?

There’s been a debate for years about which diet is best for weight loss and health: low carb or low

Nuts in a healthy diet

Nuts are excellent sources of many nutrients and are worthy of being included in most diets on a regular basis.

Cheese in the diet

What is cheese? Most cheese eaten in Australia is made from the pasteurised milk of cows, sheep or goats. Cheese

Never too early to start kids eating healthily

The palatable, energy-dense foods that make up our modern food environment can promote unhealthy eating habits. Developing a liking for

Frozen fruit and veg in your freezer boosts consumption

A study finds that having convenient frozen fruit and vegetables on hand in the freezer is a way to boost

The more you taste, the more on your waist

Increased taste sensitivity of complex carbohydrates may lead to increased energy consumption. Increased consumption of energy dense foods is one

Video: Do your genes control your weight?

Obesity is affected by a number of factors such as lifestyle behaviours like a poor diet, high in salt, sugar

Video: Fast eating is a health hazard

The advice seems credible: eat slowly so that you have a chance to feel full before you overeat. This has

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